We are a group dedicated to serving the needs of senior citizens within the church and in our wider community. As Singapore is faced with an ageing population, the prospect of being house-bound due to weakening health, and the sense of being marginalized, is real.

The aim of Evergreen is threefold:

1. To carry out visitations to alleviate the sense of loneliness, to understand the needs of these         senior citizens, and to provide whatever help we can.

2. To organize activities for the senior citizens to congregate and fellowship with one another, as     well as with other members of the church.

3. To instill in our young the cultural heritage of filial piety and the biblical mandate to honor and     provide for their parents.

In ministry, we enroll the help of other ministry groups within the church, e.g. the Youth group, Women’s fellowship, Worship team, etc. In this way, we also help to strengthen the bond between the old, the young, and the not so young!