Sonshine City Kidz Children’s Ministry

Concurrent with the Sunday service from 9.00 to 10.45 a.m., we have our exciting Children’s Ministry or Sunday School. We believe that every child matters, because every child has been created by God for a very special purpose. So we value every baby and child, just as God values them. Here, children can learn about God and His love through song, games, quizzes, Bible stories, play-acting and Art & Craft, taught in creative ways by over 20 caring and dedicated teachers and helpers.

Toddlers Programme (3rd Level)

This is catered to little children from 18 months up to 4 years of age.

You can safely leave your young ones in the hands of experienced teachers before the service begins each Sunday morning. These children have their activities in a cozy room surrounded by toys and books, where they can play and interact with the teachers and helpers, and also with each other, in a relaxed way. They will usually have a short play time first to get used to the environment. Thereafter they will have a snack, prepared by the teacher. There will also be praise and worship time, followed by a Bible story, and then an interesting Art & Craft period. Children will also learn to recite simple Bible verses and how to pray.  The kids will stay in the room until parents come to pick them up after the service.

Kindies Programme (3rd Level)

This is for the kindergarten-going children between 4 and 6 years of age.

The Kindies will be with the toddlers (Toddlers Programme) for a time of free play, followed by snack time. Thereafter, there will be singing of songs of praise and worship. The Kindies will then go to their own class for a time of Bible story and a more structured learning programme, involving some simple writing, drawing and colouring.   An experienced teacher and a helper will always be with the children.

Primary Programme (Basement)

This is for the primary school-going children, between 6 and 12 years of age.

The children will first come together for a time of singing songs of praise and worship. Then they will be divided into smaller groups for Bible study and discussion, facilitated by teachers. They will also have combined sessions of games, quizzes, play-acting and Art & Craft to complement their learning of the Bible.

Infants and Children below 18 months (Gallery, 3rd level)

For parents with infants, we have a quiet room on the 3rd level for parents with infants, so that you can enjoy the service as well as look after your babies at the same time. The room is also a safe and secluded place for mothers to nurse your babies.

Parents with young toddlers between 12 and 18 months, can stay with your child in the gallery, on the 3rd level, where you can enjoy the service, with full view, and also tend to your children’s needs. Alternatively, you can also bring your children to the Toddlers’ Room to observe and to participate in the on-going activities.